Conservatively focusing on specific commodities and routes

A dynamic boutique chartering house, Navistar Maritime brings a fresh mind with traditional shipping values to its select base of clients and shipping partners. Key motivation is to create a new concept for a chartering house, bridging the wealth of FSU natural resources with European importers and traders through our in-depth experience of local freight markets.

About us



Conservatively focusing onВ specific commodities and routes, our energetic team remains immersed and informed inВ its core markets for the benefit ofВ its principals.


Integrity and confidentiality

Long term relationships with our principals are earned byВ confidence inВ integrity and professionalism.


Always on call

Success isВ time-sensitive. Communication with our clients isВ constant, helping toВ close successful deals orВ deal with unexpected circumstances onВ existing charters.


We earn our fees

Successful commercial fixture negotiations areВ not enough. Pre-fixture market analysis and full operational support onВ every stem ensure aВ value added service.


Passionate about shipping

Our team isВ made upВ ofВ talented young specialists, united inВ their passion for the business ofВ shipping, who take pride inВ the highest level ofВ service they provide around the clock. Testimony toВ this isВ the support ofВ several major European and Ukrainian partners inВ the dry bulk and liquid trades.


Navistar Maritime proudly providing quality services since 2013


More than 1 million tonnes of cargo carried and that’s just the beginning


Company employs 4 full time staff in 2 offices and is constantly looking out for new talent.


One goal — to become a respected name in our market, synonymous with reliability and integrity.


Added value mindset, integrity and reliability have allowed Navistar maritime toВ develop strong relationships with direct and exclusive Ukrainian and European trading houses.

The core competencies ofВ the company are bulk and liquid products inВ the niche coaster size segment ofВ upВ toВ 20ktВ dwt. Commodities covered are bulk fertilisers, coal, metals, agriproducts and oil products.

Navistar acts asВ anВ important link between Black sea, Mediterranean and North West European markets for its principals and shipping partners.





Ship Management

Navistar’s team can tailor a full commercial and technical management package and competitively place tonnage in semi-liner or spot trades to suit the client’s commercial profile and ongoing requirements

Commercial management

  • Fixture and post fixture (including negotiation of charter parties)
  • Voyage estimates
  • Laytime and hire statements
  • Collection of freight
  • Profit and loss accounts
  • Resolution of charter party disputes
  • Appointment of agents and provision of bunkers

Technical management

  • Full maintenance, survey and audit for shipping assets
  • Monitoring vessel performance
  • Installing a system of detailed reporting and regular on-board inspections
  • Detailed running cost reporting
  • Drydocking optimisation


Navistar’s investment projects team works closely with clients to identify the need for investing:

  • Direct investment in Navistar fleet against forward freight cover.
  • Physical hedge against the freight market
  • Long term cargo freight cover
  • Purchase of distressed assets for resale

Specific investment targets will be identified to suit the profile of the investment.

Where appropriate, Navistar will help to arrange finance to maximize return on equity through strategic partnerships with financial institutions in Western Europe.

Technical and commercial management of the vessel can be arranged in-house to suit the needs of the principal.


Analysis as at the core of everything we do at Navistar. Working alongside the broker team, our analytical department develop a detailed picture of daily market tendencies for dry and liquid bulk cargoes in sub handysize category segment in the Black, Caspian and Mediterranean basins.

Our unique in-house database covering the vast majority of shipowners in the Black, Mediterranean and Caspian Seas allows the company to track the proportion of vessels to cargoes in any given area, providing awareness as to regional market developments.

By pooling up-to date information of the broking floor with insight of the research department, we are able to provide our principals with high visibility across the markets that directly affect their freight costs.

  • Cargo throughputs
  • Freight rates on main trade routes
  • Freight and TCE indices
  • Commodity prices
  • Berth congestions
  • Port line-up statistics
  • Backhaul tonnage availability


Navistar Maritime is a first class boutique broking house operating across FSU and European countries, and our motivated team is the driving force behind our steady growth on the chartering scene. We are always glad to welcome on board motivated and energetic young people, whether still at university or not.

We take great care to ensure that talented candidates have an opportunity to develop their theoretical knowledge base and practical skills through our 6 month in-house development programme. Our trainees have access to the latest books and teaching aids to complement the practical experience they gain working as an assistant to an experienced broker.

At the end of the programme, candidates are assessed through a scenario-based examination and on their performance during the whole internship to gain full time employment with the company.


Please send your CV to with a short covering letter explaining why a career in chartering might be for you.

We love what we do. Everyday we wake up and meet the world. If you are as passionate about shipping as we are, and ready to give 100% to reach our common goals, we would love to talk to you. We will provide an entrepreneurial, loyal and very rewarding environment to realize your potential.


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